Close-up of a customer's hand holding a black credit card near a Shopify card reader to process a payment, capturing a moment of transaction.
POS with Shopify POS
Shopify POS hardware setup with a sleek tablet stand, card reader, and receipt printer in a modern design, illustrating the point of sale system for retail.

Empower your retail with Syatt and Shopify POS

As a Shopify Plus expert, Syatt simplifies retail. We seamlessly integrate Shopify POS with your online store, enhancing customer experiences and driving growth. Our approach personalizes your journey, making retail smarter and more accessible.

Shopify POS hardware set on a white rustic counter against a vibrant geometric-patterned backdrop, featuring a tablet display and card reader.

Tailored solutions for every retail challenge.

Elevate your retail experience. With Syatt and Shopify POS, retail is not just selling—it's about creating memorable shopping experiences. Let's chat about how we can support your retail journey.

Custom seamless integration. We craft every solution to fit your unique needs, from seamless POS migration, to change management, and expert support. Our team ensures a smooth transition and optimized operations.

Unify your retail operations. In a fast-paced digital marketplace, we keep you at the forefront and ahead of the curve. We want to make retail easy and effective. Strategize, Build, Grow (repeat).

Customer completing a contactless payment using a smartphone at a Shopify POS system with the screen displaying a transaction in progress.

Services designed to transform your business

  • Easy Shopify POS migration: Transition without the hassle. We handle the details for a smooth shift.
  • Expert consultancy: Dive deep with our guidance. From sales optimization to change management for your internal teams, we offer insights that matter.
  • Unified Commerce: Unify your sales channels. Our strategies ensure a consistent shopping experience, online and off.
  • Customized retail innovation: From mobile checkouts to inventory management, we innovate for your success.
  • Continuous support: Our team is always here, helping you stay ahead in the ever-changing retail landscape.
  • Smooth migration: Effortless shift to Shopify Plus. We've got your back.

Integrate Shopify POS with Syatt today.

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Are you a retailer
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