We're an anti-agency

It's kind of a dirty word to us. We're commerce experts, test-driven, agile, customer-first, and view all interactions through that lens.

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Meet the team.

We're a group of technology, UX and commerce veterans located around the globe.
We hire missionaries, not mercenaries.

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Alejandro Babio


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Andy Bayer

Digital Marketing Specialist

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Brendon Hawkeswood

Project Manager

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Brian Berg


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Bryan Alexander


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Bryan McClatchie

Account Manager

Geoffrey Faber image

Geoffrey Faber

Digital Marketing

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Jake Beresford


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James Dobson


Jamie Schreter image

Jamie Schreter

Business Development & Strategy

Jeremie Ges image

Jeremie Ges


Jess Craig image

Jess Craig

Product Owner

Jonathan Garyfalakis image

Jonathan Garyfalakis

Founder & CEO

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Jurgen Hahn


LD Burk image

LD Burk


Lucas Boyd image

Lucas Boyd


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Matt Mischuk


Mike Samimi image

Mike Samimi

VP of Customer Success

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Mr. Duck

Senior Listener

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Olena Chernilevska


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Roisin Locke


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You have no idea how wonderful your responsiveness has been. We literally have PTSD from our previous relationships. We keep waiting for the other shoe to drop and then - you just keep fixing things and getting work done and communicating. We are all thrilled and are so grateful. Dena and Bryan in particular are just blown away. They are so happy and the level of stress your group has reduced for them is immeasurable. Thank you. I just want you to know how incredibly grateful we are. opening quotes closing quotes

Kathy Elkins

Owner / VP of Marketing, WEBS - America's Yarn Store

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Cut the BS.

We say things the way they are. We don't add fluff. We are transparent.

Chill out.

We're calm, considerate, and thoughtful in our dealings with each other.


We encourage people to take initiative. We encourage independent thought and original thinking.


Mistakes happen, we don't hide them. We accept them, learn from them, move on.

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We're always on the lookout for passionate people who love the work they do and don't mind a good (bad?) dad joke. Take a look at the list of open roles, but feel free to send us a resume if you don't see your position listed.

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