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Case Study | Syatt elevates Snuggle Bugz to Shopify Plus, upgrading Canada's top baby retailer.

Challenges to be solved:

We set out on a mission to redefine and revamp the Snuggle Bugz ecommerce experience, and we faced a few challenges along the way:

Customizing 3rd party apps: Modifying a gift registry app to work seamlessly with custom checkout requirements, including adding a shipping note and the ability to ship directly to the registry owner.

Mix 'n' match dilemma: Utilizing meta objects, we seamlessly embedded products directly within blog posts, creating an effortless transition from content consumption to purchase for the customer.

Snuggle Bugz website on a laptop

3rd party app performance impact: Incorporating various apps can slow down site speed, and for Snuggle Bugz size and volume— performance is critical. A key consideration of this project was the intentional use of 3rd party apps, optimized for performance.

Enriched user journeys: Content is a key factor in conversion and AOV for Snuggle Bugz. Strategically placing helpful content in the user journey, to guide them confidently through the shopping path.

Apps & integrations on this project.

Shopify Plus
Shopify POS
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Snuggle Bugz website displayed on desktop and mobile versions.

Opportunities found

Some exciting opportunities were uncovered through discovery that are reaping long-term results.

  • Predictive search: Using Algolia, we made the search and product listing pages smarter and faster than ever before.
  • Fresh & focused UX: Revamped design that is centered around content and registries for an intuitive customer journey.
  • Performance boost: Already a fast site, our goal through re-platforming was to make it even more performant, something that we knew over time would increase conversion for this size of merchant.
  • Agile updates: Faster deployment of updates and features, through our proprietary theme scaffolding on Shopify 2.0.
Collage of Snuggle Bugz website pages.
Snuggle Bugz category page and filters shown on two mobile devices.

Key features

Updated ecommerce site features:

  • Reusable custom components for building new features and experiences in a snap
  • Customized gift registry app for a unique, high-performance interface built for enhanced user engagement.
  • Custom BOPIS solution making online to in-store transitions seamless.
  • Advanced inventory management specialized in ensuring accurate inventory across all channels.
  • Content-enhanced product grids enhancing user engagement with highly relevant content directly in Shopify-managed product listings.
  • Blogging enhancements that merge product data with blog content, enriching reader experience and simplifying the purchase journey.
  • Gift-with-purchase logic and functionality to enhance customer loyalty and align with marketing goals.

The results

Speed is King. We boosted site performance, making shopping quicker and smoother for Snuggle Bugz customers.

Enhanced user experience. With the newly designed UI and customized features, the customer journey has never been more intuitive.

Seamless updates. With a more agile setup, Snuggle Bugz can now roll out updates and new features faster than ever, ensuring a dynamic shopping experience.

The result is not just a successful launch, but a scalable, performance-driven platform that positions Snuggle Bugz for continuous growth and customer satisfaction.

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