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Cosmo Music

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Striking the right chord - Cosmo Music's ecommerce transformation with Syatt

Cosmo Music faced a unique set of challenges.

  • Balancing direct sales with a detailed school rental service needed a stronger online system.
  • Their varied product catalog, especially musical instruments, required clear, individual descriptions.
  • Shipping and logistics were complex, with various exceptions and services like in-store pickup.
  • They aimed to grow their rental program across the country, demanding a scalable platform.
Cosmo Music homepage with 'Start recording at home' headline and product categories.

The opportunity

Working with Syatt allowed Cosmo Music to address these areas:
  • We introduced a digital commerce platform from VTEX to support sales and rentals.
  • We set up a catalog system that could provide detailed info for each product.
  • We combined shipping and logistics into one smoother process.
Collage of Cosmo Music web elements, guitar, accessories, and multimedia content.
Smartphone with Cosmo Music's store page and electric guitar listings.

The results

Our joint efforts led to tangible benefits for Cosmo Music:
  • The updated platform effectively manages all sales and rentals.
  • Product catalogs now offer better details, giving customers what they need to know.
  • Shipping is more straightforward, lessening manual work.
  • Conversion rates improved by over 50%, marking a better user experience.

Key takeaways:
Cosmo Music's ecommerce leap

Enabled serialized SKU listings for detailed product tracking.

Provided cloud-based solutions, for content delivery and scalability.

Achieved stable site performance prepping for high-traffic events.

Improved backend efficiency for staff management tasks.

Maintained SEO integrity for organic traffic sustainability.

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